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OG GHOST HAZE is an artist born-and-raised in Oakland, CA. Growing up in a family of music heads, music has always been a central part of their movement. A self-taught guitarist at the age of 16, they skillfully utilize improvisation in their music, creating sound that expands through various genres, from Hip-Hop to rock to blues. Isis is influenced by artists like Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, and activists like Jayne Cortez and Assata Shakur. For oghosthaze, music is a way of experiencing the self and the world as well as a way of sharing and connecting with others. Much of their music-making centers on the exploration of identity and existence, creating and finding selves, worlds, and realities. They hope to disrupt, destruct, and unify through their sounds.

Last December, oghosthaze was featured on Bay Bridged’s Best of 2018, recognized for their “melodic, sentimental musical style” displayed in their most recent audio-visual project ’19.” oghosthaze has performed shows across the Bay Area and New York City. They are currently working on two video releases and an EP project in the coming months. 


Isis -- 510-692-1797




19 | Spotify | Soundcloud 


19 | Youtube